Let an automatic system work for you.

Automatic data transfer from Your documents..


A paper documents needs to be digitalised first. How Easily!
For example via:






Before you send an electronic version into the Trustworthy archive, you can assign the documents with so called ‘metadata’ (dates, VAT, amounts, texts, etc.). You, your colleague or accountant can do this, or you can leave this to the extraction software.

Automatic data extraction

Trustworthy archive can extract all the necessary data from the digitalised documents

It works effectively and is 99,99% reliable and unmistakable

It saves your time and money because you have your documents in the archive as you need them and without work. You can immediately check on the state of your costs and revenues for example.

Automatic data extraction

The extraction system is automatic, effective, and 99,99% reliable

The Trustworthy archive can do much more

Comfortable work with documents

Advanced searching

Intelligent workflow and history of changes

Automatic data extraction function

….and many others!

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