I do business.
For 100%

I do not take care of paperwork anymore. I have the Trustworthy archive and an accountant.

I quickly digitalise received documents.

How? With a smartphone, tablet, or scanner

I lower the risk of losing the document

I immediately send and save the electronic version to the Trustworthy archive and…I can throw away the paper

And if I or my accountant do not want to fill in so called metadata (e.g. date, VAT, texts etc.) by hand, we can use an amazing automatic data extraction function

Mobile and document
Mobile phones

From archive straight to accounting

My accountant loves me; she does not have to double rewrite documents

Pointless meetings get cancelled and we save not only our time

Preparing a flawless tax return is our nightmare no more

I check my costs and profit!

I have all documents available and organised all the time

I can check my costs, expenses, and revenues in real-time

I invest minimum time to administration, yet I have everything in order

The Trustworthy archive can do much more

Comfortable work with documents

Advanced searching

Intelligent workflow and history of changes

Automatic data extraction function

….and many others!

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