End to rewriting documents and never-ending files

By using the Trustworthy archive both we and our clients profit.

We lower expenses and save time

If our client uses the Trustworthy archive, we have all his documentsautomatically available in real-time

Documents including so called ‘metadata’ (filled in dates, VAT, texts etc.), we easily import into accounting programmes, that is we do not rewrite them.

Financial and time costs are almost zero and we can focus on intensive professional work

Connection with the computer archive

We access the archive from anywhere and anytime

We have all the documents accessible online for 24 hours and 7 days a week.

We had the user interface of the Trustworthy archive tailored to our needs. For free!

We can search documents quickly, brand them, and filter them smartly

The Trustworthy archive can do much more

Comfortable work with documents

Advanced searching

Intelligent workflow and history of changes

Automatic data extraction function

….and many others!

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