Flawlessly managed accounting processes?
Paper free?
At last, yes!

With Trustworthy archive we no longer do the paperwork, but work effectively.

We digitalise accounting documents in the blink of an eye

Via smartphone, tablet, or scanner

We lower the risk of losing the document

When in the field, we raise the speed of delivering the document to the office

When we do not want to fill in so called ‘metadata’ (e.g.date, VAT, texts etc.) by hand, we can use an amazing automatic data extraction function

Mobile and document

We know what is going on. In real-time.

We never lose track of our budgets’ statuses.

With real-time expenses billing we know exactly what we have already paid for.

Our orders are immediately re-calculable without any delays.

We send inbox documents right into company’s accounting

We choose the best way without delays and detours

Our accounting loves us; it does not have to double rewrite them because we work with only one document

All the documents in the Trustworthy archive are provable for all European institutions.

Mobile phones

We access the archive from anywhere and anytime

We have all the documents accessible online for 24 hours and 7 days a week.

We had the user interface of the Trustworthy archive tailored to our needs. For free!

We can search documents quickly, brand them, and filter them smartly

The Trustworthy archive can do much more

Comfortable work with documents

Advanced searching

Intelligent workflow and history of changes

Automatic data extraction function

….and many others!

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